Pure Paw Paw

All-purpose, all Aussie, and a little bit unexpected, they’re made from real papaya and specially formulated to smooth and soothe your skin.

Just dab it onto dry, sore and chapped lips and it’ll whip them into instantly kissable shape.

Pop a thin layer on overnight and watch your skin drink it up. It has magical soothing powers you can also use it on cuts, rashes, burns, chafing, stings and cracked skin. One product, all the fixes.

Pure Australian Paw Paw

Pure Paw Paw

Pure Paw Lotion is a great make-up all-rounder.

Utilise it as a moisturising lip primer, or under eye shadow to help the colour blend completely; place some onto your cheeks as an immediate, shiny highlighter, or pop some on an old mascara stick to groom your eyebrows.

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